Attorney Jody Weis is a relentless advocate for children and their parents.



Attorney Jody Weis represents husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers as their attorney.



Kane, Kendall, and LaSalle counties in Illinois


The Law Offices of Jody A. Weis, LLC has extensive experience in all aspects of Family Law. Ms. Weis proudly opened her own office in 2009 and has been a practicing attorney in the state of Illinois since 1997. Ms. Weis truly understands the concerns, anxiety, and stress that can be associated with all of the different areas of family law. When Ms. Weis opened her office, she made outstanding representation with care and concern for her clients her priority. The Law Offices of Jody A. Weis, LLC is committed to providing exceptional family law services and outcomes for her clients, understanding the true impact that the situation has on her clients, as well as their children. You will truly recognize Ms. Weis’ commitment to you from the initial consultation all the way through the resolution of your family law issue.

In addition to representing husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers as their attorney, Ms. Weis also proudly serves the 23rd Circuit Court as a certified Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). When Ms. Weis is appointed by the Honorable Trial Court Judges, she is appointed to conduct an investigation for the court and report directly back to the Trial Court Judge with her investigation and her recommendations. Ms. Weis looks independently at each and every case. Ms. Weis then tailors the investigation for each case based on what is necessary for that particular case. Ms. Weis treats her appointments with the utmost respect and gives a thorough and well reasoned report back to the Honorable Judges of the 23rd Circuit.

The entire staff at the Law Offices of Jody A. Weis, LLC is committed to truly helping their clients, getting the best results possible, and assisting their clients in all of their needs as they move through a stressful and anxious process.

The Law Offices of Jody A. Weis, LLC proudly serves Kane, Kendall, and LaSalle counties.